S705 reboot and screen is blurry after update

(Dedisoft) #1


I’ve updated my S705 phone to firmware 1.65 (version few days ago.

Since this update, my phone reboots regularly and my screen is blurry…

I’ve done a factory reset, but nothing changes.

Have you ever have it or have you somme suggestion for me ?

I use FreePBX with latest version.




Guess what. I have the same issue here. 2021-04-28_11-54-45

A little more traction on firmware testing would be nice.

(Joshua C. Colp) #3

Please reach out to support if you have not already done so. If you have you can give me the ticket number and I’ll bounce it around as appropriate.

(Chris Dolese) #4

indeed , if you or anyone is seeing this we should begin the process to RMA the device

my trip from .79 to .82 with three S series was uneventful - no issues encountered

if you have issues opening a ticket to begin the process say something here or call me at 920 886 0227

(Dedisoft) #5


Thanks, my ticket is 982112.



My issue is that we rolled the firmware back and it fixed the trouble.

I can unbox a S705 on .82 on another phone and work with support.

(Chris Dolese) #7

im speaking with your receptionist - sorry I was on a call when you rang initially and I didnt get your name :frowning:


I can call you back.