S705 Provision over wifi

Hello. I am using Sangoma S705 phones with Endpoint Manager. I was able to connect the phone initially by setting the wifi manually from the phone itself but once I update the template in endpoint manager the phone reboots and wifi settings are lost. I notice that wifi switches from “Manual” to “Provision” after the reboot. In the endpoint manager I have added the SSID and WPA2-PSK pass phrase however the phones will not join the network after a reboot unless I switch the wifi back to manual on the phone itself. Any ideas?

Sorry, I know nothing about these phones. Perhaps one of these general ideas may be useful:

Can you avoid using Wi-Fi? IMO a Wi-Fi connection will at least occasionally cause voice quality issues, as well as being less reliable. If the room involved was once wired for an analog phone or a proprietary digital set, you should be able to repurpose the existing wiring, provided that there are at least two pair. Replace the RJ11 or proprietary jack with an RJ45. In the utility closet, install a switch such as https://www.amazon.com/Tenda-Ethernet-Desktop-100Mbps-TEF1105P/dp/B01CAKJRTW/ . This will power four phones; in Extend mode cables can be up to 250m (Cat-5), 100m (Cat-3) or ~30m (Cat-nothing). Or, if the building electrical wiring is suitable, powerline Ethernet adapters may work well and also provide better network connectivity to a computer in the room.

Assuming that Wi-Fi is your only viable option:

After the phone gets stuck with Wi-Fi in Provision state, temporarily connect it to a wired LAN. You should then be able to log into the web UI and view the Wi-Fi configuration, which may give a clue as to what’s wrong.

If no luck, temporarily set up an open Wi-Fi AP and try to provision to that. If it works, there is probably an issue with the password or details of the mode (TKIP vs. AES, etc.). It that also fails, you should be able to capture traffic with a Wi-Fi analyzer and see why the association is failing (or if it succeeds, why DHCP isn’t working properly, etc.)

I remember something about a bug in WiFi provisioning with the phones. I’d suggest filing a support ticket since the phone should still be under warranty.

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