S705 Phones Auto Upgrade

In the Web GUI for the S705 series of phones under Management -> Auto Provision There is an option labeled Auto Upgrade that seems to be enabled by default and currently is causing phones to randomly just reboot when there are no changes to any settings or firmware from the provisioning server. Is there a way to disable that under a phone template from Endpoint Manager? I am not finding a corresponding option under the Options tab for the template.

If im not wrong this was the option to stop keep searching new update. (not 100% sure) you have to change that settings to GUI and apply & test.

Hmm, that doesn’t seem like it would override that Auto Update setting in the phone GUI does it? I am not seeing a option to disable that in the Endpoint Manger at all so not sure how this would affect that, unless it’s something that’s not very intuitive or well documented.

Probably P194


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Thanks Lorne.

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