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S705 Freepbx 14 looses registration

(Dimitrios Manolis) #1


I have a S705 phone with the latest firmware and latest update of Freepbx 14. I have configured the phone to use TLS for registration and SRTP for the media. Everything works for about 2 minutes then the phone looses registration. In order for it to work again i need to reboot it. This does not happen when not using TLS.

I also have a bunch of Polycom’s VVX’s under the same server and dont have that issue. The server is at a remote location.

(Itzik) #2

Please discribe your network setup, as well as if it’s a remote phone? NAT enabled? Etc.

(Tony Lewis) #3

What does latest firmware mean. Please state the firmware.

(Dimitrios Manolis) #4

Meraki MX450 Firewall doing 1 to 1 nat to the FreePBX 14. With the proper ports open as per wiki. Nat is enabled on the remote phone, Firmware version on the phone.

(Dimitrios Manolis) #5

I changed a couple of settings on the Extensions page:
(Advanced Section)
Changed Port to 5061
Changed Transport to: TLS Only

Now the phone stays registered for good, but when making a call the first call will fail, But the Second call will go through.

I got Cisco Meraki on the phone and took a couple of packet captures, Looks like the phone is resetting the connection. I don’t know why it does that. But before it does that it receives and encrypted alert from the server.

Update on Network Topology

Remote Site ( Where phone is located )

Sangoma S705 --(> Meraki Switch ------> Meraki MX65W ----(Public IP) ----> Fios ONT

Server Side:

FreePBX Server 14 --------> Meraki Switch -------> Meraki MX450 ----(1:1 Nat for FreepBX-dedicated IP) ----- Fios ONT
MX450 Handling the entire /24 subnet of the Static IP’s assigned to our organization.

PS… One more thing I noticed is when this happens and I Press the DND key the Presence wont light up red and the DND when the Reset is done. But on the Second call if I press the DND key both DND and Presence will light up Red.

(Itzik) #6

Which cert are you using?

(Dimitrios Manolis) #7

LetsEncrypt as I cannot use a Comodo certificate at all with the Sangoma phones. That’s another issue I am having Sangoma phones won’t work with Comodo Certificate and Yealinks won’t work with LetsEncrypt. Polycom phones work with phone if there on firmware 4.0.12 and above.