S700 won't Register over VPN

I have multiple phones (S500, S700, S705, others) connecting via VPN through the FW and normal operation is fine. After doing several tests on the exiting phones (i.e. power fail, changing WAN IP on the fly, Factory Reset, connecting the phone to separate LAN, etc.), I decided to perform one last test to ensure we had this working. I sent an unopened S700 to someone to test after building the extension and configuring all the options as we did for the others.

Well you probably guessed that it didn’t register. I went through and deleted the cfgxxx.xml file and everything I could think of and just asking for any input on what else to look at. After the factory reset and power fail of the phone, it goes through the normal reboots and shows the VPN IP at the end and I can ping the 10.8.x.x IP just fine.

I don’t see any issues in the LOGS (phone/server) - It just doesn’t register. Sent a working VPN phone to the same person and it works fine. The only difference is that I didn’t open the box and plug into my network.

ANY IDEAS?? What am I missing???



Just saw that the phone is trying to register with the server local LAN IP 192.x.x.x:5060 as opposed to the VPN IP of

Now what I don’t understand is that I have other phones on VPN working fine using the template, why is this one phone an issue? Since it is trying to use the 192.x.x.x to register, would forcing the route ( help with the resolution?

Hi Ed

Can the phone in the remote location see the PBX without the VPN being connected?

I’m guessing you are using the Sangoma portal to redirect the phone to 192.x.x.x:5060.

If it’s a new phone it needs to be able to connect on the 192 address first so it can download the VPN profile.

If you first set it up in the office and then post it out it will likely work because the phone has the VPN config.

Bit of a side note regarding VPNs. I currently have a few issues logged with Sangoma related to VPN problems. These are:

Phones not updating firmware when using VPNs and LLDP
Phones disconnecting when adding a new extension on the PBX, even if you don’t click the red apply button. This causes call drops.
Phones using VPNs reboot when you make any changes to the phones template. Although this might be by design… not sure.

Hope this helps.

Well actually that’s not entirely accurate. The phone does connect through redirection portal, being redirected to the WAN (with the appropriate permissions) passing through the firewall and is being provisioned via HTTP/HTTPS. The phone is downloading all the proper information (even gets the custom background image) and appears to show, in the final boot, the VPN IP and HOST IP.

The issue appears to be the login server is the 192.x.x.x:5060 and not the as it should be. I have already deleted and recreated ALL OF THE CONFIG files, cloned existing templates and it still doesn’t register.


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