S700 versions and MAC

We continue to get complaints from a customer regarding the S700 phones we installed. Everything from Hook Switches, to feet falling off, to bad cords and poor sound quality.

Since we started moving customers to Sangoma this customer has been the most vocal regarding quality and I’ve read where early versions of these phones had problems. Is there a way I can check if we have early released hardware by the the MAC address? We’ve pulled some, RMA’d some but there are 40 phones on site and it seems every time I replace one, somebody else complains about a problem. I’d like to check this entire batch we purchased to see if we received old stock from our vendor.

Hopefully, it’s possible.


Open a customer service ticket and have them look up the MACs. Those 3 items were all resolved well over 1.5 years ago. Sounds like you have very early stock.

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