S700 Top-Left key defined as ext BLF still partly behaves as Line1 Key

Using EPM to define the Top-Left key as an extension BLF doesn’t quite work - some remnants of the key being “Line 1” remain;

The key works as an ext BLF correctly until the phone ends a call - at that point the BLF light extinguishes, just as it would if it were still defined as Line1.

In all other respects it behaves correctly - eg. it doesn’t indicate ringing when the phone receives a call, it’s just when the phone ends a call that the light extinguishes. After a minute or so it will light up again and work until the phone is again used to make/end a call.

Asterisk : 14.6.2
S700 :

Tested using SIP and PJSIP


Using this key as anything other than Line1 (including setting it to blank) also breaks ConnectedLine updates displaying on the phone.

Ya that’s a mistake in EPM. At this time we require left top key to be line. We will fix it in EPM to now allow it to be anything else. Please don’t use that button as anything but a line key to many other things depend on it.

That’s hugely disappointing :disappointed:

Your own documentation shows that key being used as something other than a Line Key - https://wiki.freepbx.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=57410455

We have no use for a line key and I’ve sold a system with 20 S700’s due to the number of BLFs on them. It would be far preferable for this to be fixed in firmware so all BLF keys actually work.

Please let me know if there’s any chance of this being fixed in firmware; if not I’ll need to cancel the Sangoma phone order and switch back to using T46’s which have no such restriction on BLF key usage.

If its an EPM (Endpoint Manager) bug, it will be fixed in EPM not in the phone firmware. Is there a bug report on this already @tonyclewis?

Note that the linked page does not show button 1 used as a non-line key, it is showing the second page of buttons. The S700 supports 45 programmable buttons, only one of which has this issue.

It isn’t an EPM bug - I’ve tested by removing the phone from EPM, factory-defaulting it, and manually setting up the BLF keys.

The phone’s Web Interface allows me to configure that key without restriction, so if this won’t be fixed the phone’s GUI also needs to reflect the oddity of this key’s behaviour.

I’ve already created a bug report for this. Point taken about that screenshot showing Page 2 but sadly the customer is always right… and they want the maximum number of BLFs on page 1 so they can immediately see extension status without have to scroll to the next page.

You can’t have a phone that doesn’t have a line key. At this time the phone requires button 1 to be a line key. Just make page 2 be where you have all your BLFs. I don’t understand the problem here. You have to have a line key for each call you want to make on the phone at the same time so you can’t do all 45 buttons as BLF as you need line keys to make and receive calls.

We will look into allowing button 1 not to be a line key but right now that is a requirement.

Perhaps their requirements are unusually simple, but they don’t need a line key to make a call - they go off-hook and dial, and have no need for multiple simultaneous calls. To transfer they press a BLF. On their current system none of the keys are defined as line keys.

Their requirement is all 10 BLFs (it’s only a very small office) on one page - no swapping - to match the number on the T26’s we’re retiring. If we lose position 1 to a line key we also lose position 10 to the page button so they’re down to 8 BLFs on page 1. I know it’s mind-mindbogglingly trivial to us, but that’s what they want - 10 keys, no swapping page. I can’t sell them something they don’t think fits their needs.

One last point - if this requirement is going to stay could you ensure both the EPM and phone GUI are altered so no-one else goes through the same discovery?

I’m going to drop this now as I realise in the whole scheme of things this is very minor to you, and I’ll either leave the T26s in place for now, or see if they want to go for T46s instead (I’d rather use Sangoma of course for the integration).

I guess this test S700 I bought is going to be my new desk phone :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking into this and I’ll keep my eye on the firmware to see if things change.

In cases like these, it seems that an EXP100 expansion module would be the ideal solution. Today it may be 10 BLFs, but tomorrow they may want 12. The EXP100 would give you an extra 20 slots that could always be visible where they’re able to put more BLFs as well as apps.