S700 hands free volume

Many complaints from customers about hands free use and terrible quality of the speaker phone. Reducing the default volume helps, but even bringing it down to 3 or 4 for volume I still hear a slight clipping sound when I’m talking to a person who is on hands free. No where near as good as the old Polycom IP670 on handsfree.

Any suggestions on how to correct this?

What firmware are you using?

Firmware version:
I have been told to try editing P249, 20083 & 20084 in basefile to see if it helps.


We are still getting complaints for speakerphone quality on some of the S700 phones. Can you give me any details on the EPM and lowering volumes on the Speakerphone to see if that helps. I have read the P249, 20083 and 20084 may only be for headset and handset, so does that mean they have no effect on speakerphone volumes? At least when I change them, it doesn’t sound like there is a difference.

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