S700 + EXP100 Issues

Hello -

I’m having some issues with my S700 after adding the EXP100 and I’m hoping someone can help.

For reference, I am using Endpoint Manager to configure my S700 and EXP100 module, so all settings are made through EM.

Since adding my EXP100, my phone is slow to respond, often fails to register properly and frequently has issues with buttons working. Restarting the phone takes significantly longer now that it is set up to use the EXP100. There is also a noticeable draw delay on the screen for incoming calls.

The firmware on the EXP100 is the most recent (, however I cannot seem to get the phone to update to (from via EM. I have the correct firmwares in the two slots (1.60 in 1 and 1.59 in 2). I have a 1 week delay in EM for the phones to automatically check for updates (config only, I believe; not firmware), yet my phone now seems to be checking multiple times an hour, each time completely rendering the phone unusable. I cannot call it (busy signal), and picking up the handset removes the “Checking firmware” box but will not allow me to place a call.

None of this happened before I added the EXP100. I am going to try manually updating the firmware, but I suspect two small minor releases don’t address this issue.

Has anyone else had this issue before?

Thanks in advance.

please open a ticket under the phone support category

if the phone isn’t taking updated software something is misconfigured

if you update lines on the phone does it seem to grab changes to config ? id be interested to know its having issues with the fw only or not updating its config in general

please start with that ticket and we’ll be happy to assist

Ticket 941041 created.


Sorry, forgot to mention. It’s updating the config fine. It’s just the firmware it’s not updating, despite saying it’s checking for new firmware.

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