S700 checking firmware

I have Sangoma phones checking firmware daily. While I don’t think it’s causing call problems users are reporting it which is a nuisance for all. I have set the resync time (EPM -> Global Settings) for 31536000 which should be a year so I’m unsure why it continues to check firmware during the day?

Is there some other EPM setting for controlling this?

PBX - 12.7.6-1904-1.gng7
Asterisk 13.22.0
EPM - 14.0.23

Thank you,

Hi @jasonmel
Which type phone provisioning your are using? If you are using TFTP my suggestion change to HTTP or HTTPS.
I think for some reason yours phones its not update config file. For your case you have to see Pcode 525600

You can check your PBX phone xml file P code ( P193) time minute.

cat cfg00505851xxxx.xml | grep P193


I am using HTTP for provisioning but I’ll try to increase the P193 basefile change. Currently it’s set to resync which should be from the global settings.


From the point of view of the user, they might see a message display on the phone for a few seconds while it’s idle and nothing else. How is this a nuisance?

Nuisance for me is when I have an office manager calling me saying it’s a nuisance. Sometimes, she says it can change the phone for a moment and displays a Login button. I asked if it caused any call problems and was told no. Just needed a workaround for this instance and hopefully the P code change helps.

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