S505 Voicemail App Auto Close

OK, I have a question from a user that I have never been asked before. Here is a list of her actions while checking voicemail:

  1. User picks up handset on a Sangoma S505 phone
  2. User presses the Voicemail button to open the phone app
  3. User listens then deletes voice mails
  4. User hangs up handset.

The issue is that the voicemail app remains open until the “Exit” button is pressed. This user is expecting the app to close automatically and always go back to the main screen the moment the handset is hung up. This caused a misunderstanding where the user thought the phone was broken, since there is no dial tone while the voicemail app is still open.

Is it possible to have the voicemail phone app close automatically when the handset is hung up? The user claims that it used to work this way, but I always had shown in my training sessions to press the exit button before hanging up the handset.

Thank you for your insight!

Hi @bholland
I think you have to open Sangoma Suggestion (Future request) Ticket. Just via Sangoma Support ticket copy/past your description. They will back to you official answer.


Thank you, Shahin, I have create a Feature Request ticket as you suggested. I will reply with what I learn from their response.

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