S505 / S705 asterisk log entry

Greetings, we have two extensions (an S505 & S705) in our office that generate endless asterisk log entries:

[2023-03-03 08:20:08] NOTICE[28006]: res_pjsip_exten_state.c:358 new_subscribe: Endpoint '302' state subscription failed: Extension *992*15*302*1 does not exist in context 'from-internal' or has no associated hint.

They come in threes actually, per extension, for example with *992*10*302*', *992*11*302*1 and *992*15*302*1. I did find a feature code *992 and disabled it but that had no effect.

Now I know these can be safely ignored and the system will continue to work, but from a space consideration (and maybe some OCD) I’d like to quell these. @lgaetz says in others posts just to ignore these but Id rather find a solution to remove the BLF problem (with the phone?) if possible. I’ve researched the error message and found numerous posts which all seem to point to an erroneous XML-API or BLF entry in Endpoint Manager. I’ve spend the last couple days scouring these sections as well as /tftpboot cfgs to find any relationship in vain. Another post about it suggested some contacts were deleted somewhere and still linger in some global address book or contact list. I may have looked in the wrong place but couldn’t find anything that seemed amiss. I’m hoping someone else may have encountered this error and been able to resolve it.

Thank you for any suggestions!

Have these users manually added these numbers to their local phone contacts and set those to be monitored for BLF?

Worst case, if you are sure the EndPoint Manager config is clean, you could factory reset these phones and let them download a clean set of configs from the PBX again.

Nothing has been added extraneously. The current configs are that which pulled from the PBX.

In another thread @lgaetz mentioned these were something that came from the Sangoma phone itself. My only real references to clues on this issue are found in the two following threads:

If there is something I can delete on the phone itself from the menu’ing I’m all for it!

Probably you are using the default layout for S series phones. Check the template and the layout for those models and remove unwanted apps assigned to line keys.

Thank you @spioli !! - this helped me in the right direction. I edited the template for my phone and blew out ALL the XML-API lines, then added them back one by one (with subsequent SAVE/REBUILD/UPDATE PHONE command) to find the offensive apps. In my particular case it was Call Flow, REST-Queues and REST-Queue Agent. I’m assuming where we dont use Flows or Queues that was the problem with a default Sangoma template and my PBXact (FreePBX) scenario.

Anyway, I hope this helps someone. This has been bothering me for a few years and glad I finally found and dedicated a bit of time to try and resolve this.

@sorvani @sgseidel your thread was also helpful - thank you!

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