S505 not working with endpoint manager and redirect

I have a bunch for brand new S505 phones that I am trying to get to work with PBXact and endpoint manager. Took out the first phone and entered it into the redirect server on my portal. I have tried it by both FQDN and by deployment ID. I cannot seem to be able to get the phone to come up to a login prompt. The screen is blank except for the date and time, the sangoma logo and history, directory and menu buttons.

I found the same issue the other day, for some reason it’s not attempting to collect the cfg0505.xml which contains the login button etc. If you map it and then logout then hotdesk continues to work.

Probably need a bug raised with Sangoma but I haven’t had time.

Hi @defres
Maybe sounds stupid idea but try to add first on your DHCP server at list 1 or 2 Public DNS servers ( or )
Then reboot your test phone and be sure your phone gets Public DNS server. ( You should see on the Phone GUI Status Page )
After that just press Auto-Provisioning config Or Make a Factory reset.

I think your Phones can not reach or resolve your PBXact FQDN name.

Pls let me know your result.


Shahin N.

No, I have looked at the syslog and it’s not even attempting to fetch the file. Other phones are also working just not the s505.

Hi @rsmithuk nice to see you here :slight_smile:

When you hit on the Phone GUI, Auto provisioning Button what says Http Log file?

tail -f /var/log/httpd/access_log | grep -i Sangoma


Shahin N.

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