S500 xml error

I’ve got an s500 configured via EPM, user has been given API access for the proper extension in User Mgmt. REST APPS work correctly on our Yealink and Aastra phones.

When trying to use a REST APPS key from the Sangoma phone (such as this one):$$LINESTATE$$&user=290

I get a “Failed to load XML file !” error.

Browsing to the above address gives this output:

{"application_name":"voicemail","application_display":"Voicemail","page_name":"main","type":"display","exitPath":null,"layout":[{"type":"entry","display":"No voicemail messages."}],"action":[{"name":"settings","link":"voicemail\/settings","display":"Settings"}],"error":[]}

What are the next steps in troubleshooting?

I ran into this issue just the other day.

The problem is in your EndPoint Manager Template Settings. You need to set the destination address. I bet if you look that field just says internal___server_. You need to set it to your PBX’s address.


Actually I just looked at your question again, and see that it has an IP address for the server. So probably my response won’t be too helpful.

I’m guessing my issue is due to REST Apps not being updated since November of last year. Turns out it’s a bad idea to add Sangoma phones to a system that already had EPM on it:

Endpoint Manager Expiration Date 2038-12-02 (Free Updates until 2016-11-15)
Rest API Expiration Date 2039-11-26 (Free Updates until 2015-11-25)
Rest Apps Expiration Date 2039-11-26 (Free Updates until 2015-11-25)

Ya you need to be on the latest versions of EPM and Phone Apps for our phones.

I realize that now, but I feel the marketing is misleading when it says: “FreePBX phone apps are available right on the phone, straight out of the box with no requirement for additional licenses. Users can control complicated features directly from their phones. There’s no need to remember feature codes. User applications include: Call Parking, Follow Me, Do Not Disturb, Conference Rooms, Call Forwarding, Time Conditions, Presence, Queues, Transfer to Voice Mail, Visual Voice Mail, and Log in/out.” (taken from https://www.sangoma.com/products/phones/)

If EPM and Rest Apps exist for other devices on your PBX the above statement is not true.

Ok well the issue is we cant give you free upgrades to one brand only. We are stating they are available free of charge if you are not using EPM with other phones. Otherwise if you are using it with other phones you would of had to buy EPM for those phones.

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