S500 Voicemail Phone App - Error

Hi all,

I have a bunch of S500s, Most of the phone apps work, but on Voicemail, when I go to Settings, accessing any of the options just says ERROR on the screen.



It doesn’t work until I leave that phone/extension its first voicemail message, and then it works fine. Anyway around this?

No. The voicemail box is not created on extension creation, only after it is first accessed by either leaving a message or by dialing *97 to check mail.

The ‘error’ message it not overly descriptive though, you might file a feature request to display something more descriptive.

Something like “Mailbox not set up - dial *97 to initialize.” Would there be room for that on the phone’s display?

Our phones error on this whenever there are no messages in the mailbox. The menus work if there is a message.

Problem is, we set up FreePBX to email the message to the user and delete it immediately.

Anyone have any ideas on a workaround? Or just tell them to dial *97?

That is a different issue, and is marked as fixed:

I’m on and it’s definitely happening. Regression, possibly?


Thank you…

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