S500 / S700 Phone issues (hot mic and phone 1 out of 10 not working)

I have 10 phones and am using the PBXact Cloud service. All my phones are Hot micing and it is especially bad when you first initially talk. I attempt to go to each phones Web Browser using each phones IP. I have twice changed the settings on all 10 phones but it is pointless as the settings that i save only last one day. I adjust the volumes and even pictures on the screen saver and wall paper and nothing stays the same when I come in the next day. The web browser reverts everything I changed the next morning.

On the phones there is no setting for adjusting volumes. I go to Menu > Settings > Basic OR advanced > No volume settings are offered.

My last issue is one of my 10 phones does not work at all to talk through on its handset. I can successfully talk through the speaker system audio but the handset does not work. I placed a new cord on the handset and I factory reset the phone and it still hasn’t worked. Is there anything else i can try before I send it back to sangoma as a lemon and ask for a replacement.

Seems like the EPM is overriding your changes, do you use EPM?

Is EPM, end point manager? If so yes I do have a template setup for all 10 phones to follow. Would it be in that section or which subsection to then make the phones make the web gui have priority?


I think it’s in the template settings under options tab > GUI or Config Override

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Thank you so much I adjusted it to maintain local GUI settings rather than config file which is was on. I’ll adjust all 10 phones settings and should be good then thanks.

The phones now save the -6db settings all across the board even when power cycled.

However the s500’s i have still have call quality problems and still hot mic. Not the same severity as before. But on your initial pick up of the call even talking at a normal tone the mic is so “hot” or sensitive that for the first sentence or two it’ll hurt the other persons ears or they just wont be able to even understand what you are saying.

My s700’s are much better at not hot micing and seem to have less of an issue. Still and issues indeed but not to the same severity.

Does anyone know if there is a second step i can take to rectify the Hot/Sensitive mic and call quality that this issue gives me?

I happened to see this when searching for a similar post of mine.

Are you using G711? If you are using G722, turn it off, solves the hot mic issue.

Here’s the thread

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