S500 phones - Ring tones reset every day

I have S500 phones connected to distro version 10.13.66-21 Customer changes the custom ring tones. The ring tone will work. The next day the default ring tone is set again.
EPM is not supposed to change the end user settings, should it?

If the setting is not saved in the phone’s configuration, the ringtone will reset when the phone reconnects and restarts every 24-ish hours. IIRC, the Sangoma phones resync every morning at 02:00. I could be wrong, of course, but I’d start with that.

When you say saved in the phones configuration. I’m thinking about cfgmac.xml file.
If you over ride that from the phone GUI that should get reset every day a 2am when the phone resync? That not how it should work.
I had firmware S500 now upgrading to S500

I will retest to see this fixes this trouble.

The only exposure I have with the Sangoma phones is reading the forums, and I’m old, so it’s easy for me to conflate things that didn’t originally go together, but I know from experience with phones like Polycom and Cisco that if you don’t save the settings somewhere, the setting will eventually revert when the phone is restarted.

I was told here that the phone settings should stick over what is set from EPM. I have about 30 S500s in service right now, using both ChanSIP and PJSIP and of all of them, only 1 seems to operate correctly. Almost all of the phones will reset the ringtone daily and will disobey any Alert Info set on ring groups or queues. I do have 1 phone, setup in the same template as about 15 others, that does obey the Alert Info and maintains a ringtone set from the phone. Not sure what the issue is, but in most cases they are not behaving as they should.

Did you open a ticket on this trouble?
I was thinking that I’m the only one dealing with all the new features on the Sangoma phones.

What firmware are you on?

I did not open a ticket, we have just been dealing with the defaults. Currently on firmware