S500 - icon over text at top of screen


I have a S500 and I have an issue where the Text at the top left is covered by icons.
See screenshot. In this case its the speaker phone icon.
Is there an option to fix this in the web interface or is it a bug?
Phone is pretty much factory defaults.

Firmware Version
BOOT– 11:10:00)
IMG– 16:43:00)
ROM– 16:43:00)
DSP–9.0.3(Patch 1.0.16)

Someone is bound to say use the Endpoint manger, I would love to use the End point manager to configure the phone but unfortunately it is not possible to run it on the raspbx!!!

Sorry we only support the phones with EPM and the configs EPM uses for them.

I would like to use EPM, but you don’t provide any way to use it on Raspbx, which is a major failing.

So are you are saying that you don’t support the phone using it’s own web interface to configure it?

That is correct. Most the features and ability of the phone requires EPM to function. Since FreePBX Distro js RHEL based and that is 90% of our installs out there are on RHEL based systems that is what we focus on.

Seems like most of the features of the phone can be configured just fine using the web interface.
You had better be careful making broad statements like that, there are consumer protection laws that ensure products must be fit for purposes.

In any case I have narrowed my issue down and found a workaround.

Bizarrely, If I change the the Network/Vlan of the phone that’s when the I get the icons appearing over the text. I know weird right. See image

To fix it under Management->Configuration click Delete User File, then SaveSet and reboot the phone.

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As already stated most of the features of the phones need EPM. All the phone apps and auto provisioning and hot desking and cool features need EPM.

Secondly if you want to make legal threats I suggest you take yourself somewhere else. Our documentation clearly states you need to use EPM and FreePBX for us to support the phones and states we only Support FreePBX Distro which is RHEL based and does not support ARM processors.