S500 Firware Upgrade

Can someone clarify something for me. When I uploaded the latest firmware release via Endpoint Manager, how do I know that the firmware has successfully uploaded to the phone? For example, I uploaded firmware V1.27 and watched the phone reboot. When I view (from the phone) Menu > Status > Information I see the following:

Where do I look on the phone to verify that V1.27 was successfully uploaded?

Thanks in advance for any answers that maybe provided.


What you just viewed is correct. That phone is on .24 firmware.

Okay. So I guess I should review the firmware level on the phone first then update it via EPM? I trying to draw the numberic relationship between V 1.27 and the firmware version found on the phone.

Go look in EPM firmware management. That v27 is just a version on a package of firmware. Within their it will show you what firmware for each model is included in that package.

Got it. Thanks for the help Tony.