S500 Button

Hi All

We have a singular S500 phone that we have used for testing, and socializing with users. One issue we have had, and I’m keen to understand if it is an issue with the single phone we have, is when users dial numbers at speed like they are used to on the the current Polycom phones, majority of the numbers are missed.

I understand people will get used to it, however the one we do have isnt very responsive to button presses… but it may just be this one…

Thoughts from others with them?

We have had two other users report this and both of them were on very old firmware. What firmware are you using and what version of EPM are you using to program the phone

Hi Tony

It wont be recent software, I will upgrade everything and report back… should of done that before raising the issue - sorry.

I have this issue too. firmware version is

Did you use EPM to provision the phones?

Yes, I did. Firmware is now and I still have the same issue.

Any one else with any info on this info? Keen to progress our deployment, but this is a bit of a show stopper.

Are they pressing the center of the key or the edges of the key? We have made some changes to the button mechanics to make things more responsive for the edges of the keys.

Hi Tony

All is well with the newer phones. Thanks for getting that sorted for us.