S500 behaving strangely

This is a recent problem with our s500 phone, it has been making calls on their own, transferring callers during a call. Not ringing (from time to time )when there is a call but showing it later as a missed call. Not sure where to begin, tried to make a Sangoma portal account but could not register for one. Looking into it online has not been helpful.

You mentioned you are unable to register for a portal account. Please ensure you you are registering at https://portal.sangoma.com/index.php/login/register. If you are and are still having issues, please send me a private message with a screenshot of the error message you are getting as well as the email you are trying to register. Once we get you in the portal, you should be able to open up a ticket with our team to further assist you.

Apparently my boss didnt realize he had an account. I submitted a ticket, hopefully I can get to the root of this problem.