S500 and VPN

S500 provisioned, WITH EPM, to use sysadmin pro VPN. required ports are opened in my firewall. Now that i know it works internally, I should be able to take it home, plug it in, and it should work.
I will check logs, at home to see if I can find any issues, with why it wont connect to VPN. For a product that Sangoma backs, they sure don’t want to help when their products don’t work.

Have you populated the VPN Client field in EPM>Edit Extension?

Did you get a chance to look at these yet?


Did i tell the template which vpn client to use? yes i did.

yup and they don’t tell you squat. Especially where Sangoma spent hours fixing it and then not telling the individual trying to set it up in the first place. Over 300 dollars for two hours of support with no indication of what was wrong.

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