S500 and Plantronics Savi-730M


I recently retired some old Polycom’s and replaced them with new Sangoma S500. I connected up the EHS cable as directed https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/PHON/Phones+Home and when I hit the headset button on the phone it works fine picking up calls and I can dial out. However, hitting the button on the headset does not pickup the call or cause it to go off hook when idle.

EPM Sangoma template has “Headset Settings Enabled” and “Phone/Headset Ringing Both” and the Sangoma firmware I’m using is 1.36 or S500

Freepbx Distro
SHMZ 6.6
Freepbx Firmware is 10.13.66-15
Asterisk 13.10.0

Has anyone been using the Plantronics Savi series on these phones and perhaps could offer tips?

Thank you,

I am running into the same exact problem. Everything is connected as per the instructions referenced. It has been enabled in the provisioning template. We are using the Savi W710 with the S500. I really need to get this working as soon as possible as it’s being used on a new installation which they purchased 10 headsets with EHS adapters.


I don’t show it listed as a supported or tested headset by us on the wiki. How new of a model is this.

I have been using the Savi Series for a few years, however mine is the W730 and it’s only 2 or 3 months old.

OK well it wasnt anything we tested or certified based on the feedback we got when we launched phones.

Please put in a feature request for this series of headsets and we can take a look at issues.freepbx.org under the phone project.

I have created my first feature request. :slight_smile:

I am using the W710 which shows as being tested back in 2015 and it doesn’t work. You hear it click on and off but it doesn’t pickup or hangup.