S400 not pulling IP address

The firmware was updated the other day and now the lone S400 phone will not pull an IP address. I have tried to factory reset, though that does not appear to work either as I it appears to maintain the same extension number and still not pull an IP address.

I am utilizing VLANS and this phone has been working. I switched switch ports on the switch as well as changing our the cable and nothing seems to work.

The phone is not accessible via a browser due to no IP, so I am stumped.

Does anyone have any tricks to factory reset this stubborn child?

Thank you!

I was able to resolve this issue by plugging the extension to a trunk port on the switch. Once the extension pulled an IP from the default VLAN, it promptly reset itself.

I was then able to plug it back into the original switchport on the VoIP VLAN and get it to pull an IP on the VoIP VLAN.

I hope this may assist someone else though I am still questioning why this process worked.

Could be this is a network configuration issue on your end, however, I would report this on issues.freepbx.org and document exactly which firmware version you had and which firmware you updated to.
As well as the most possible information on your network setup.

If they can reproduce this, they might fix this, or update the Wiki with a big warning banner.

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