S305 does not retain static IP

I set up the phone to have a static IP and it reboots and all is good. until something happens during the initialization process where the phone decides to forget the fact I wanted to set it as static and instead reverts back to DHCP

I am currently doing MAC based static IP from my gateway but I feel this should not be necessary. I am using endpoint manager to have it get the phone information based on MAC address. Is this causing any issues?

Th endpoint manager is decoupled from any DHCP/BOOTP process.

The phone’s IP can be set statically by:-

A) In the Phone
B) If not, by Any DHCP server it sees, make sure there is only one DHCP server !!
C) If neither, then Bonjour/ZeroConf/AVAHI if any running.

At the end of those processes, then ‘arp’ will have a mapping between layer 2 (local ethernet) mac addresses and Layer 3 (global internet) IP addresses. Any endpoint manager will send configs to the resolved IP.


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