S305 Call History

I have just raised a ticket as below but would be interested to know if anyone else is seeing this?

I have just put 5 x s305 phones into a customer site. The Call History is built in such a way that it displays the CLI of the phone, then the number the phone dialled.
Whilst this works on an S500 as both can be seen on the screen, it is useless on a s305 as only the CLI of the phone can be seen. The user has a long list showing only their own phone number, the cannot see who they called in order to redial that person

What do you mean CLI?

Sorry, the CID set in the extensions CID field.

Can you open a support ticket under phones. They can take a look and open a bug report with R&D

Ok, done, ticket 851646

Can anyone else replicate this? Support reckon it doesnt happen on their phone and are being very slow.

Set the extension CID to a national number such as <01162236777>
Make a call to an external number such as 02031238765 and answer it .

On a S305 the call history shows as CID:01162236777 (but that is my nuber)
On a S500 the call history shows as CID:01162236777 02031238765 (which is more usefull)

So basically on the s305 the second field, which is the one needed for a call history, is pushed off the screen. Support reckon it doesn’t happen.

Thanks all.

Ok, just putting a fix on this thread so others can find it in the future.
After 22 days support asked me to change the Trust RPID to No and the Send RPID to No on this extension. It does fix the problem but would need doing per extension.

Knowing what was causing it allowed me to do further searches and find that the same effect can be achieved globally in the Advanced settings and changing “Display CallerID on Calling Phone” to NO.

The customer will be happy that their call history is now actually useful.

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