S305 - Bad Handset Speaker?

I have two Sangoma s305 phones at a remote site. One works perfectly, but the other is having issues. They were both purchased in July of 2018, but because of various delays, were only just put in this past Wednesday. After getting complaints of one-way audio from the site, I did some testing. It turns out that when using speakerphone, everything works perfectly. However, when using the handset, there’s nothing audible. The other side can hear just fine though. The same behavior presents itself with a new cord from the handset to the phone, so I believe the issue is with the speaker in the handset.

Given how long it took to get the underlying network and phones in place, the warranty on the phone is gone even though it’s just been taken out of the box. I do not see any screws or any other way to disassemble the handset though… wondering if anyone knows how I could accomplish taking it apart in a way that will not destroy it? (I’m thinking it’s probably a pinched/damaged wire or bad solder joint or something where it attaches to the speaker part of the handset, which I could easily fix if I can get at it.)

Replacement handsets are in the store and cost far less than your time it would take to tinker.

For the benefit of those who find this thread in the future, there is a tiny foam pad about half the size of a pen in the middle of the inside of the handset. This covers a phillips #1 screw. Once removed, take a slotted screwdriver and put it inside the plastic where the cord was plugged in, hold the part that has the speaker/microphone in, and press down to pop the outside of the handset off. A few more screws and everything is apart.

My specific problem is that one wire coming from the speaker was not fully seated into the connector where the cord plugs in… I pushed this the rest of the way in and everything’s working perfectly. (If I could pick up a handset for the $10 cost in the store, I would have, but shipping more than doubled it. Fixing it was faster & less wasteful anyway. :slight_smile: )

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