S300 to VoiceGuide Server input delay

I’ve searched to the best of my knowledge without hints to point me in the right direction for what I’m looking for. I may just not know the proper term I need to find it.

Our time clocks were originally Polycom phones that went through a separate telephony server to the VoiceGuide server (was not utilizing the FreePBX). The clock-in/out process is a 4-digit Employee ID then # followed by a prompt to enter a 4-digit pin then #. This process could be completely entered by the user within 1/2 a second. A couple seconds delay after that it responds with a “successfully clock in/out”

We migrated to Sangoma s300’s as time-clocks and routed them through our main FreePBX, through an extension that points to its own trunk that then points at the VoiceGuide Server.

Now, you can enter your 4-digit Emp. ID and # key as fast as before, but then the following 4-digit pin and # needs approx. 1/2-second delay between each input or the VoiceGuide server repeats the prompt to enter their pin as though it didn’t receive the entire second half of the input.

Is there some sort of # key identifier/timeout/delay in FreePBX or this S300 Sangoma that would have added this little annoying bit to the process after it’s pressed? I’ve dug through what I feel is everything that could possibly affect it, but obviously, I’ve missed something.

Thanks in advance!

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