S300 PC port issue

Hi to all,

We have about 100 pcs S300 phones and almost they have the issue of PC port that connection disconnects and connects automatically.

This is in logs:

PC port Pull out network cable!!!
PC port Insert network cable!!

Firmware is last version. although we did test old versions also.

Do you have any idea?

Is there any idea why this happens? we checked network with Yealink phone and it is OK.
We don’t have any VLAN and also CDP is disabled.

just we have two different IP rages for PCs and Phones.

Please advise.

Any idea?
Please help as customer is angry with S300 phone.

It’s fine to ask here for ideas, but for proper support you need to open a support ticket

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Hi @psdk
So you should give us and Sangoma Support ticket some more details such as
1- Phones Firmware Version ?
2- Phone configuration settings?
3- End Point Manager Version ?
4- Phone Full Sys Logs you have to attach in the Support Ticket.

Before you open Support ticket pls check below settings and screenshots on your system.

Check this settings first and if not works with your Phone Log file and with more details you can open Support Ticket.



Thanks Lorne.
I asked here as I think there is something in network that makes this issue with Sangoma phones.

When we test the phones in our lab, everything is OK, but when it goes to customer office, problem comes out.

When customer replaces it with other phone like Yealink and Avaya, everything is OK.

So something between network, PC and phone makes problems.

Thank you @shahin

We tested with last firmware version and even one older and result was same.
We did reset factory too.

We don’t use PnP/EPM module.
We don’t have any VLAN or QoS.
We reset all Dlink switches too.

[08-25 16:09:36 51:6c:e5] PC port Pull out network cable!!!
[08-25 16:09:39 51:6c:e5] PC port Insert network cable!!!

we could see lot’s of these in the logs.

Hi @psdk
Try to open Sangoma Support ticket for this case. For a Phone Log file you need to download from your Phone, Configuration Files and System Logs and Firmware information.




Thank you.

The S series phones are only supported if using Endpoint Manager.

customer has 2 IP ranges and couldn’t use PnP. Then configured it manually.
Just they set account, nothing else.

I didn’t get any helpful response from support.
100% we checked the cables and sockets!

There is something that is annoying S300, but other phones are OK with that. Someone might find it.

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