S300 disable call history

Is there a way to disable call history on the Sangoma S300, either in the web gui or via endpoint manager? We have several deployed to guest rooms and for privacy reasons do not want any call history stored on the phone?

Not to hijack your thread, but this would be a good job for the Property Manager module to handle. If you aren’t using it (and it was designed specifically for your application) you might try checking it out.

If PM2 doesn’t clear the “guest phone” call history, it should.

In EPM under basefile edit I see these two lines. Not sure tho if it’s related to the call history… Try playing with the values and report back if you got it working.

(Remember to screenshot it before messing)

<P8620>0</P8620> # Preference HistoryRecord
<P23291>__callHistory__</P23291> # Flush call history 1 - Yes;0 – No

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