S3 compatable storage - Amazon replacement (Backblaze B2)

(Lucas Ryan) #1

I am very interested in backing up my call recordings on a schedule, using the built in FPBX backup module. I see there is an Amazon S3 option. I typically like to use BackBlaze B2 (an S3 compatible storage provider) Does the backup module support BackBlaze B2 as a storage location? https://www.backblaze.com/b2/cloud-storage.html

(Lucas Ryan) #2

** crickets ** Anyone :slight_smile: ?

(Lorne Gaetz) #3

There is only direct support for S3, which you can see by the region dropdown menu.

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(Jared Busch) #5

Use rclone to send you files to B2.
It is available from the Sangoma EPEL repo.

And rclone natively supports B2.

(Lucas Ryan) #6

Oh nice! I’ll give it a shot. Thanks

(TheJames) #7

I opened https://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-22083

(Itzik) #8

Thank you, James!

(Tk 351) #9

custom s3 server option would be awesome!