S-Series Phones on VPN not getting correct time

Hi guys,

We have a bunch of remote phones on VPN but they weren’t getting the right time until the WAN IP was whitelisted. As soon as I did that they sorted themselves out. Any ideas why? I didn’t think the WAN IP would matter. They register online OK other than that.

Cheers, K.


The phones are setup to get their own time individually from whatever ntp server is set in the template being used in the endpoint manager. So each phone has to be able to hit that NTP server.
Where are you whitelisting the WAN IP?


Hi Jason, I’m whitelisting the WAN IP in the distro firewall. It’s picking up the time from ‘Primary Time Server’, set in the EPM template as the server IP address, which it got immediately once the WAN IP was whitelisted but not before (over VPN), or so it was in this case.

I understand it now. This can be marked as solved - Thanks.

Using the PBX vpn IP for the NTP server in the template would resolve this. But I don’t think there is anything wrong with this config.

Thanks Lorne. So Will that affect any phones not on VPN but using EPM? If so, I guess we put them on a separate template?

Yeah, separate templates, or just keep as is.

Ok, that seems to be working. I’m guessing it is and not – Please confirm and I will edit my earlier post. Thanks.


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