S-phones Unauthorized ring group speeddial in log message

Hi all,

I keep getting these messages from all of our S series phones:

<12>Jan 24 08:03:53 phone.dns.name [S705][mac:address] : aid 0: 401, Unauthorized

401 is a ring group, and is set as a speeddial to one of the programmable buttons. It is not the only speeddial set on the phones, but this is the only one that is in these log messages.

Any idea what this is about and how I can set thing straight to make these error messages stop?

Are you sure 401 is not the SIP status code which normally has the associated text unauthorised, and is a normal part of the authorisation process, meaning please authenticate yourself in the way indicated.

Are you having actual call failures?

Oh I see, good point, it didn’t occur to me.

There are no call failures as far as I can tell and I haven’t had anyone complain. Also all of these phones are not making calls during this time, I know this for sure.

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