Running upgrade scripts really slow downloading from RPM

Just to let you know that Saturday morning at 8:44AM PST I am updating one of our sites running the sh scripts and it is very slow when it get to the part when downloading the packages. It took 20 minutes to run 1.811.210.57-1. There is no internet issues at the site.

I ran these scripts on Thursday on the backup server with no issues.

Downloads from the PBX repository seems to be fine. Downloads from the Updates repository are really slow. Downloading the packages for CentOS 5.8 is killing me.

The download speeds just picked up to normal speeds. CHEERS…

That was all my fault. is round robin DNS to what was 3 yum servers and we brought up a 4th in a new datacenter for better failover and redundancy and I spaced out adding a firewall rule to the juniper for port 80 for the yum repos. All fixed now.