Running UCP and old CDR together

What would be the ‘adverse effects’ of running UCP and CDR Reports (the old way) together?
Every time after UCP is updated I keep forcing it to enable as the ‘conflicting’ module is also installed; and I haven’t noticed anything ‘uncanny’ going on (unless I haven’t been looking in the right places…?)
They keep being marked as mutually incompatible… but CDR has some features that I like, that UCP doesn’t (like, the advanced searching of call recordings, by date, with output limit to last x recordings… or stats/call graph;) while UCP has the webrtc and playback.

That being said: I don’t let ‘normal users’ in to the CDR interface, I only view it myself as admin; (In that, I’m missing the ability to play the recordings from there) Meaning, the users’ logins in UCP do not exist in FreePBX logins as needs to be allowed to view CDR Reports; the 2 sets are completely distinct (users can not use their UCP logins to log on to FreePBX Administration panel, because their logins do not exist there but only in UCP / User Management).

Thanks in advance
el es