Running freepbx upgrade scripts on older stable OpenVZ servers

Are there any known issues with running Upgrade Scripts on an older FreePBX distro installed in an OpenVZ container? The scripts that I’m referring to are

I did… and only ran into some odd issues that I think were related to other additions related more to database read write and the host that I that I have may be underpowered for the additions that I added (such as asternic CCStats and setting the pbx to devices and users mode), but I just wanted to make sure that nobody else has experienced issues with taking inbound calls, extensions dropping, or any odd quirkiness.

That doesn’t sound like a list of things that would be caused by the update script… Sounds like it’s time for /var/log/asterisk/full log extracts at the times you are experiencing the errors. We should be able to troubleshoot from there.

Appreciate the feedback @cynjut. Oddly, after a reboot I haven’t had any issues since for the most part, other than a couple glitches here and there with third party asternic software. Not sure what was going on there. The OpenVZ changes don’t work with the freepbx firewall, so I have to install and configure iptables rules from the cli, and it seems that the server was still replying to sip requests until the reboot no matter what I did with regards to making sure that the iptables daemon was running.

The new firewall has a place for adding “manual” rules to the Integrated Firewall. Check to see if your rules can be added there, and if they can’t, I’d really recommend submitting a Feature Request to let you make these custom updates to the system without resorting to CLI changes. There are lots of people that use OpenVZ, so adding that to the system should be justifiable, especially if they changes are reasonably trivial.

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