Running FreePBX on LXC

Has anyone use the FreePBX distribution in an LXC container?

I had it running inside an LXC container but it was loaded using a Ubuntu container then manually installed FreePBX.

I would rather run the distribution so I can safely run commercial modules. I took a running instance of the distribution and attempted to create a container from that instance. I was able to get the container to start and I could attach and the web interface came up, but Asterisk would not start. Also I could not get ssh to start.

There are some benefits to running in LXC. It is of course very easy to take a backup. And i the case of a failure it is very quick to get up and running again. LXC is very simple compared to other visualization systems.

Thanks for any help/advice.


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Interesting to use FPBX in LXC, do you have any docs you used that you can share?

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