Running Asterisk and FreePBX

Hello guys, i come from germany and have a few questions about asterisk and freepbx.

First of all, in my company weve asterisk running on a suse linux enterprise server 9 x64 edition. Hardware platform is a Fujitsu Siemens primergy RX220 with two Opteron X64 processors and 1GB physical RAM.
Theres also an internal PCI ISDN Card from Digium which had costs 600€.

This fantastic Asterisk application is running and my entire company can phone the whole day (intern and extern). But i want to install this cool feature freePBX on our running system to get more control over our entire Asterisk Server.

i started downloading this freepbx software , unpacked it to the servers harddisk and started reading the install doc which was included.
It tolds me that freepbx is going to delete my entire running asterisk installation, is it right ? how can i get a running freepbx on my currently installed asterisk server without loosing any configurations ?

I would get raped if i going to kill our running asterisk server :slight_smile:

My other problem is, that our incoming and outgoing calls had a very bad quality, sometimes we can not understand each other, first i thought the server has not enough resources for circa 50 Employess.

Does anyone got some ideas for my problems ??

thanX a lot - Schranz0r_23 -

hello again

thanx for your quick answer, but there could be a really big problem:
this asterisk server is for a call center which got 50 employees, so i could not test new settings on a day.

I think i must make this work at night :slight_smile:

quick question:
This server got 2 harddisk which are in an raid level 1 array.
What could happen if i remove one hard disk- can i start only from one harddisk to keep a running system alive ??

Ok We start with this

“”“freepbx is going to delete my entire running asterisk installation, is it right”""


NO FreePBX is not going to do any to ASTERISK it only changes SOME of the .conf files

You best bet is to setup a second box get it up and running with freepbx
then you can look at the setup and recreate the setup in freepbx…

NOT EVERYTHNG can be redone it FreePBX

You can play with the _custom.conf files…leave the others alone

Freepbx is going to push and pull data from MYSQL
So you need to use the GUI to do as much as you can…

I would NEVER do this live.
and do yourself a favor…dump the AMD
go out and purchase intel box build it and test your card at night
get it working swap one tue morning (or on slak today)

Server = INTEL
AMD= Problems always… always…NO ONE BUT GAMERS work with AMD

SO leave the AMD for the “gamers”…

let the current box “as is” less the card …

That way if you have issue’s you can go back to the ole box in a few mins.

As for raid no need for it RAID does not like small read and writes.
asterisk is ALL ABOUT small read and writes

what you should do is build two boxes extact in every way

use RSYNC to keep the second box upto date.

You are still cheaper than the cost a single “PBX”, plus you can sleep better at night
(at least I could not sleep knowing my 50 seat call center was running on a flaky AMD and I had no real BACKUP plan in place).

bubba you are very correct. The other option to save save time is to go download Trixbox.

THANX A LOT FOR YOUR ADVICE !! really thank you

i also tried trixxbox and setted it up in a virtual machine (used vmware for this - because i thought it would be cool to get an entire pbx inside a virtual machine (for really good backup reasons) but this scenario doesnt work, because vmware can not emulate pci isdn cards in that way. )

First off, I would recommend that you build a new box with the setup you want to have. Migrate your users to the new box as a temporary fix, then rebuild your main system and backup the configs from the temp system to your permanent system. As for your audio issue, there have been problem with the newer linux kernels and audio quality/echo problem. I would test this out when you build your temp system.