Run script when ext rings

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Apparently my asterisk skills are weak. I want to run a script whenever an extension rings. Eventually this will be a php script. The end goal is to send CallerID info to RocketChat.

For testing I tried (among a few other things):


exten=> s,1,System(echo “${DATETIME} - ${CALLERID} - ${CHANNEL}” >> /var/log/asterisk/rc-tests)

freepbx.x86_64 14.1-1.sng7
Asterisk 13.38.1

The conversion to PJSip will happen along with upgrade to 16/18 in the coming months.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

(Jared Busch) #2

What endpoint are you using? Many (most?) brands have an action URL setting for various events.

The variable will depend on the brand, for Yealink it is $callerID so your URL would be something like this:$callerID
Yealink only accepts responses as XML files, so make sure your PHP outputs a response back to the phone (if any) in XML.

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Most of the phones are sagnoma S500 and S505, and they do support action URLs. Will have to take a look at that.

That might work, Thanks

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