Run from USB

I want to make a tiny system using the HP t5740 thin client.

There isn’t any room for a HD so can I run the freepbx distro from a usb stick?
Has this been done before?
What should I watch out for?

Couple of answers:-

The old one . . .
You should watch for the USB to die quite quickly, disable all but necessary writing to the device, that includes all log files and backups to the disk, Use ext2 not ext3 or ext4, have a “hot spare” of your usb image for when it dies (it will). make sure your tmp file systems are in RAM, not on the device . . .

a possible new one.:-
Use a usb mounted ssd device but follow all the rules for not overworking it also (that’s a google there :slight_smile: )

I thought of the SSD route and I think that would really be the way to go.
Thanks for your help.