Run a Free PBX server cluster?

Just a question for future proofing and being proactive:
Is it possible to run Free PBX in a cluster mode so you could have different servers at different world wide locations for better availability and call quality depending where youu staff/agents are working from?

You have people working from Sweden and Denmark which would connect to a Scandinavian server while people that lets say work from Singapore and Thailand would connect to a Asian server, and people working in Spain and Italy would connect to a server in hmm lets say Germany?

In VOIP it’s a matter (as you all know) a game of latency and ping rates.
The lower and faster wins. :wink:

Thanks for your answers in advance.
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The easiest way is probably just to have a number of instances that serve different locations and IAX between them.

This will be a significant improvement only if your customers are also scattered around the world. If you’re calling from San Francisco to Bangalore, it doesn’t matter whether the server is in Silicon Valley or India, the call still has to travel across the Pacific and latency will be moderate. Silicon Valley may give a slightly better experience because the IVR and queue prompts will be low latency.

OTOH, if you’re calling from Bangkok to Bangalore, a server in Silicon Valley will result in high latency and a poor experience; a server in Southeast or South Asia will be much better.

If it’s common for calls to be escalated to an agent in another part of the world, you want to avoid situations that result in media being relayed though a server far from either party.

Thanks guys @Stewart1 @rsmithuk for taking time and kindly sharing your knowledge with me about this subject.

It has been very helpful in giving me the insights I was looking for. :+1:

I appreciate that.

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