RTP Port Ranges on provider end

(Dave Burgess) #1

I’m going to ask this question because I think I know the answer, but real life is telling me I might be wrong.

On my PJ-SIP Trunk, my provider uses 16384-32767 as the RTP port range. On our system, we use 10000-20000. Everything is UDP.

Is there anything I need to do on my end to accommodate their RTP port range in the PJ-SIP Settings?

(Joshua C. Colp) #2

Within Asterisk, no.


I don’t think you need to do anything regarding the provider’s RTP ports.

(Lorne Gaetz) #4

If you are filtering/firewalling outbound traffic, then you need to be aware of this port range, but otherwise no.

(Dave Burgess) #5

I’ll check that.

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