RTP port range on endpoint

sorry for my noob question, I just want to ask this:

  • in my freepbx setup I have RTP port range 10000-20000
  • in my network setup these ports are properly forwarded and everything works flawless
  • in my endpoint(Fanvil X4G) I have
    “RTP Port Range Start=10000”
    “RTP Port Quantity=200”
    in this last field the maximum applicable value is 999.

Just want to know what is the correct RTP configuration in my endpoints(I have 60 of these in this environment) and why.
Many thanks

For RTP port, it is used randomly from 10000-20000 for default setting.

ok but what I cannot understand is this, if all endpoints have RTP ports from 10000 to 10200 and I have 60 extensions that are all talking simultaneously, maybe 200 ports are not enough? maybe I will have no audio in some intense overloads situations? is it correct to think that maybe is better to give a specific port range per endpoint like ext1 RTP from 10000 to 10100 ext2 from 10101 to 10200 etc… just want to understand the correct setup.
many thanks

If I understand the setup correctly:

Asterisk tells your phone “here’s your RTP port”. It is associated with the IP of the server and should be managed by Asterisk, so there “shouldn’t be” any collisions.

Your phone tells Asterisk “OK, here’s the RTP port I want you to use (in the 10000-10200 range)”. Since the phone IP and port are guaranteed to be unique, it “shouldn’t” collide.

Do some SIP traces and see if that interaction is what you are seeing. It should be fine.

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