RTP Issue with two external IPs on FreePBX?

Our PBX has two external IPs. One IP goes to one ISP and their SBC. ISP-1 has the default route setup on it. All of my remote phones point to ISP-1

ISP-2 has a static route to reach a different Telco’s SBCs via the proper interface.

I can get inbound and outbound calls to both Telco’s but I’m only able to get audio from calls that go through ISP1.

In the asterisk sip settings, the external IP that is used is the IP of ISP-1. How could I setup RTP audio from the telco at ISP-2?

I have always had to set the SIP address when switching between providers and forced traffic to one connection over the other.
Unless they route the same IP to both side, I don’t think there is a simple solution for this.

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