Rtp.conf is over-written by FreePBX with "amportal restart" - why there is no rtp_custom.conf?

Hi Everyone,

I need to limit the number of ports I use for rtp media to a lower number than 10000 maybe something like 1000 to allow 250 channels. However, when I tamper with rtp.conf and do the changes, it just re-writes my settings all over when I do “amportal restart”.

Please let me know if there is a custom file or point me to the code part where I have to change to make this stay at ports I desire.



that should not be the case, amportal (which is really just freepbx_engine) should not be overwriting rtp.conf.

I have been running for years (across many versions) with a modified rtp.conf file from the default.

The only place that should possibly overwrite rtp.conf is if you ran an install_amp (new installation) and in the upgrade process, you told it that it was ok to overwrite it (as it should detect that you changed it).

You are right. I probably didn’t save the file rtp.conf upon exit and though amportal restart did a re-write.

Thanks and I confirm you are right.