We recently had to change the RTP values due to network issues in FREEPBX. So I went to sip settings and changed the value to 10000-12000. I then rebooted.

Then in the logs I noticed the RTP ports being used are still in the 16000 range. Is this because I need to login to each sip device, go to the sip tab and change the RTP min and max values there as well?

your range as you set it will take place only for inbound calls to the system and whatever the Asterisk originates For calls placed from the SIP devices to the server (including outbound calls) the RTP range will be of the range of the SIP device. Changing RTP range on the SIP device will also, in most cases, require a reboot of the device before it’ll take place. Changing RTP range on Asterisk, will also require Asterisk reboot (amportal restart)… although “core reload” from Asterisk CLI might work as well, but I am not sure.

Thank you - this issue has now been resolved