RSS Settings for the UCP RSS Widget

In the Advanced Settings, we can set the RSS feeds loaded into the RSS Widget in the UCP for users. Is there any way to control the timing?

Also, I want to add a feed for our company’s website, so I add the feed, but in the UCP is shows blank with no name. The last news published there was about 5 days ago. So, it seems that there is a threshhold for the number of days worth of news that is fed into the widget. Is there a way to adjust that? Also, even though it retrieved no recent news, neither does it retrieve the feed’s title.

Hello? Anyone? Maybe this should be a feature request?

UCP is a lot of commercial code. I’d start with a Feature Request or two, since one easy things twice is easier than two easy things at the same time.

With the relative youth of UCP, I’d guess that the full suite of capabilities for this module is still being put together.


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