Rrmemory across queues

We have three queues with dynamic agents that login to all three each time and answer all three, however the rrmemory only applies per queue.

Is there a way to have rrmemory know that someone picked up last on the first queue and then ignore the person when the second queue rings?

I have been searching for a good week and have found nothing.

Currently app_queue for Asterisk does not propagate queue statues between queues.

You may want to check with Schmooze, I think that PBXact has this feature.

Yea I don’t really want to replace the entire server for one feature. Thanks though, I figured the app_queue didn’t do this.

That is one of the nice things about PBXact. Since it is built on Asterisk and FreePBX it is an easy migration.

I am not trying to push you to a commercial product, however app_queue is one of the weakest areas of stock asterisk. That is why there are so many commercial enhancements to Asterisk in the call center space.