RPM Command Errored using GUI Updater

Running Distro FreePBX and after updating framework I then checked for online system updates as I got an email from one of my other FreePBX boxes and there were 14 updates to PHP it would appear. Checked online and sure enough had updates and clicked the upgrade button. Everything appeared to update normally and I clicked the close or continue button (or whatever it is labeled) when it completed. The system then started to do another online check for updates when my FreePBX threw this error. Anytime I went into the system updates or module updates my box would throw the full whoops error.

I did what it said to do and deleted the files within yumwrapper. The directory yumwrapper is owned by root with full read, write and execute commands.

After doing so I was able to get into the update gui and run the check system updates again and it returned with no updates found. No more error.

This is the second time this occurred doing the same thing on this same box. The first time I thought it was a fluke. But last system update, it did the same thing on one of my other same version boxes. And now today… so three times. I haven’t checked for updates or performed system updates on my other box yet, but I am certain it will error in the same way as it did weeks ago.

Any thoughts, help guidance as to what might be causing this recurring issue?



No thoughts from any of the Sangoma FreePBX gurus? I can probably get more info from the whoops page when it happens on my other box. Just let me know where to look.

Thank-you for any help.

This is so unusual, none of us has seen it.

I’d suggest sending an Issues ticket and getting the Sangoma folks wired in. This is (mostly) a user forum, so we can only help you with problems we seen or helped with before.

I know and figured as much when no replies were forthcoming. Will do so after I update my other system.


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