Routing traffic over the FreePBX VPN fails certain websites

All of my previous issues have finally been solved. I have my FreePBX working so smoothly but I had some intermittent issues with the PITA’s that are always attempting to hack so I have all recommended settings in Firewall in place now. Fail-To-Ban just sits there lonely with nothing to do now. :slight_smile:

I have been using Rob’s suggestion of using the VPN to access the system. I would like to leave the VPN from my computer in my truck permanently connected but I have to drop the link to access certain websites because it wont pass thru the VPN. All other traffic works nicely, thank you @xrobau for nudging me in that direction.

Also weird thing I have to set the soft phone client to instead of using my domain name when connected to VPN sometimes I use the responsive to let me in on soft clients then when I want to manage the system I’ll activate the VPN so I’m constantly having to change the server address in Media5-fone. Not that I can’t live with that but I’d prefer to have a bit smoother of an experience.